Create. Design. Produce.

Who we are?

Special Memories is an event and marketing company which was formed back in 2015, with more than 300 events in the portfolio. The company offers all kind of event planning and design services from a team of experienced and energetic event planners, designers, suppliers, and partners.

By Véronique Kolber - ArthurandMaryPhotography
By Véronique Kolber - ArthurandMaryPhotography

Our Mission

Take a thoughtful, personalized, and artistic approach to develop memorable experiences that stir up emotions, conversations, and shareable moments.

What we do

We organize and decorate social events – weddings, birthday parties, baptize, etc.; Corporate events such as: product launches, gala receptions, seminars and conferences, staff events, awards nights, and more and we also have our own atelier to create personalized gifts for any occasion.